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It is our firm commitment to provide customers with good pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service to ensure the relevant procedure documents of the ISO9001 quality system and strict enterprise management.

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Our company is guaranteed by the relevant procedure documents of the ISO9001 quality system and strict enterprise management to provide customers with good pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service.

The company's service objectives: customer satisfaction rate ≥ 85%; customer complaint handling rate of 100; the company's service philosophy: enterprise development, service-oriented; quality service, integrity-based;

The company's service commitment is: the response time for repair is 1 hour, the province will arrive at the maintenance site within 12 hours, and the province will arrive at the maintenance site 24 hours outside the province, implement continuous and uninterrupted work, and completely eliminate the fault within 24 hours.

The company's services are:

Pre-sales service

1. In the engineering projects undertaken by the company, according to the specific requirements of customers, our company's technical designers can provide free technical consultation and other services to enable customers to understand the technology, characteristics and other properties of the company's products.

2. Provide design services according to the needs of customers. The company will design lighting effects and simulate lighting rendering according to the engineering pictures and materials provided by users, strive to truly and effectively reflect the actual effects of the project, and scientifically and reasonably provide relevant lighting quantity, relevant technical parameters and lighting installation line chart.

3. In the case of unsatisfactory photos and materials provided by customers, the company will appoint engineering and technical personnel to conduct on-site inspections in person, and consult customers for opinions, put forward technical solutions and design ideas, and continue to improve until customers are satisfied and confirmed.

3. in-sale service

1. In the sales process, the company will, in accordance with standardized service regulations, introduce the performance and use of products to customers in detail, and strictly abide by the company's product supply regulations, maintain the reputation of the enterprise and the common interests of both supply and demand in the form of contract workers, and ensure the performance of 100 of all kinds of contracts through strict contract evaluation procedures.

2. During the sales process, the sales staff will issue a "product quality feedback card" to the customer, and introduce the specific purpose of the "product quality feedback card" to the customer in detail, clarify the service content that the company should provide, and provide the operating instructions of related products. The content includes: the main technical parameters of the product, the installation and operation methods, the requirements for the environment, the precautions for use, etc.

3. The service in sale also includes the following contents: our company guarantees that the delivery will be delivered on time in strict accordance with the requirements of the owner; in the installation and commissioning of the project, the company's technical service personnel can also provide on-site technical guidance according to the requirements of customers to ensure the quality of the project.

4. In the process of delivery and transportation, the sales staff will strictly follow the delivery list, track and proofread on site, and deliver the products to the customers in good condition and timely in a safe and effective way, so that the customers can rest assured and satisfied.

5. Technical training: Before the end of the supply after the signing of the project contract, our company will send relevant technical personnel to your company to provide free training to the operation and use workers of the user unit at a time agreed by both parties. The training contents include: introduction of specific installation methods of lamps and lanterns, introduction of use and maintenance methods of lighting lamps, etc. The purpose of the training is to let the user understand the production process, installation method and daily maintenance method of the lighting lamps, so as to ensure the service life of the lighting products.

6. Quality Assurance: We guarantee that the subject matter provided is brand-new, unused, and non-long-term backlog of inventory goods, which fully meets the quality, specifications and performance stipulated in the contract, and at the same time ensure that the subject matter provided is installed correctly. Under normal use and maintenance conditions, it should have satisfactory performance during its nominal service life. We shall be responsible for any deficiencies or failures due to defects in design, workmanship or materials and accompanying services during the promised quality guarantee period.

4. after-sales service

1. Our headquarters has a special after-sales service center to provide convenient services for customers all over the country.

2. The personnel engaged in after-sales service have been trained in knowledge and operation skills, have a strong level of business knowledge and practical experience and good professional ethics, and timely analyze and deal with all kinds of quality information fed back by customers using our products. in order to meet customers' expectations for our company to provide services.

3. The company has established the "Product Quality Feedback Film" system. All customer files that use our company's products are stored in computers, and there are special personnel to conduct regular customer return visits and contacts to better provide customers with a full range of services. In order to continuously promote the improvement of the company's product quality, so that our customers can truly get good service.

4. We promise that the warranty period for the quality of the products provided is: the light source electrical appliance will be used for two years. From the date when the subject matter passes the acceptance, during the quality maintenance period, we shall be responsible for the corresponding expenses and losses (except for the damage of lighting equipment caused by force majeures and human factors).

5. Outside the quality warranty period, our company sells spare parts for this engineering product at a long-term factory price and is responsible for life-long maintenance. Only the cost of maintenance materials is charged, not the maintenance cost.

6. In terms of service time, the company guarantees to respond within 1 hour after receiving the notice and provide solutions within 24 hours. In order to achieve in a short period of time for customers to solve problems in use and provide technical advice on products.

5. technical training:

(1) General

In order to ensure the maintenance, technical training and installation and debugging of road lighting facilities, our company has established a perfect user service system. After strict technical assessment, the training department personnel have selected a group of high-quality training engineers. Through long-term training practice, a set of standardized training plans have been gradually formed. From system operation to installation and debugging, each part has strict assessment standards, ensure that the trainees can achieve the expected training effect after receiving training in a short period of time. At the same time, we will further improve the training conditions, improve the training level, improve the training system, and hold maintenance seminars, so that trainers can continuously learn new equipment, new knowledge, exchange maintenance experience, improve maintenance level, and ensure the correct maintenance of system equipment.

Our company's website regularly updates relevant product knowledge, common fault detection and elimination, and related technology development trends for users' reference.

According to the proposed Training Procedure, we will train 1-3 relevant technicians for the users (the number of trainees shall be as required by the Owner).

(2) Training content

According to the actual situation of the users of this project, the training content includes: installation and debugging of road lighting facilities, debugging of street lamp control box, daily maintenance of lighting equipment, diagnosis and elimination of common faults, characteristics and different functions of each equipment, as well as connection mode, realization of various service functions, etc.

(3) Training arrangements

1) All trainers shall teach in Chinese and send trainers with practical experience to explain the training.

2) Provide all trainers with written materials, handouts and other related supplies, and field practice.

3) The purpose of training is to fully grasp the above contents by the trained personnel.

4) The training schedule is arranged during the installation and commissioning of the project or after the completion of the above projects.

5) If products and technologies are updated or upgraded, arrange supplementary training for technicians in time.

Training time: more than 2 days.

Training location: Project site.

Number of trainees: 1-3 (or the number of personnel required by the Owner).

6. after-sales service maintenance point contact information:

In order to ensure the interests of users and provide after-sales service quality, our company is committed to implementing localized services. The technical service center provides customers with technical support and after-sales service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and receives customer inquiries at any time. Ensure to provide users with door-to-door, timely and good after-sales technical services.

Solemnly promise: the company's after-sales service outlets are in smooth contact around the clock, with no less than 3 technicians on duty every day, accepting user repair and consultation at any time, and testing equipment operation. If the equipment fails and needs emergency maintenance, the maintenance personnel shall provide 7*24 hours response service.

Maintenance Unit: Yangde Electric Group Co., Ltd.

After-sales service department: Yangzhou company headquarters

After-sales service organization contact person: Wu Guomin position: Minister of after-sales service department

Contact:13952503627Address: Sendao Industrial Zone, Beijiao, Yangzhou City